Am constatat recent un lucru care ma enerveaza teribil. Ma apuc de gratar cu niste oameni dar pana facem focul, pana se incalzeste grataru’ si alte minuni de-astea, trec berile. Si ele, berile, nu trec pentru ca ar fi putine ci pentru ca am spor la ele. Eh, si avand eu spor la beri pe caldura aia, pe cand e gata grataru’….sunt gata si eu.

Pai cum, bai nene, se intreaba neuronul meu, sa te chinui atata sa faci un gratar si sa nici nu iti mai aduci aminte daca a fost bun?


About Josef Svejk
Through possibly-feigned idiocy or incompetence he repeatedly manages to frustrate military authority and expose its stupidity in a form of passive resistance: the reader is left unclear, however, as to whether Švejk is genuinely incompetent, or acting quite deliberately with dumb insolence. These absurd events reach a climax when Švejk, wearing a Russian uniform, is mistakenly taken prisoner by his own troops. Source: Wikipedia

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