Peace and Quiet

Stateam ieri dupa masa in pat, intr-o stare din aia in care te-ai trezit da’ inca ti-e a dracu de greu sa misti vre-o mana sau vre-un picior, si ma gandeam cat de fain e sa fie liniste. Dupa asta ma gandeam cat de tare ma enerveaza emisiunile politice de la televizor in care vorbesc cel putin 3 oameni in acelasi timp. Mai departe ma gandeam ca majoritatea oamenilor simt nevoia de-a vorbi chiar daca n-au nimic de spus, doar ca sa evite o liniste stanjenitoare. De la asta am mers mai departe si m-am gandit, oare fata de cati oameni as putea sa stau si sa tac fara sa ma simt stanjenit si viceversa, cati oameni ar putea sta cu mine si sa nu zica nimic daca n-au nimic de spus, fara sa se simta aiurea.

Dupa aia am miscat o mana si am intors perna pe partea cealalta, ca era mai rece.


About Josef Svejk
Through possibly-feigned idiocy or incompetence he repeatedly manages to frustrate military authority and expose its stupidity in a form of passive resistance: the reader is left unclear, however, as to whether Švejk is genuinely incompetent, or acting quite deliberately with dumb insolence. These absurd events reach a climax when Švejk, wearing a Russian uniform, is mistakenly taken prisoner by his own troops. Source: Wikipedia

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